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Get a grip on your per­sonal infor­mation.

With Aeon, you get an insight in what personal data is floating around on the internet. Retrieve, manage and adjust your personal information with the click of a button.

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By the power of the GDPR!

As a European citizen, you have the right to get access to your data from any organisation that is processing it. Aeon makes exercising this right (and a couple more) easy and accessible.

Right to Access

[Article 15]

Right to Rectification

[Article 16]

Right to Erasure

[Article 17]

Right to Restriction

[Article 18]

Right to Notification

[Article 19]

Right to Portability

[Article 20]

Right to Object

[Article 21]

Gather your data automatically

Aeon automatically retrieves your personal data from a few well-known sources. Just add your account to get started.

Native support for     
Platform not supported? Send a plan old email
Easy to implement for organisations
Easy to extend with your own platforms


Aeon offers a convenient overview of your personal data, sorted by type, source and account. Get a quick look at what's happening with your personal information.

View your data in a chronological timeline
View all your datapoints per category
View your data as a network of platforms

Live and let live, search & destroy

When you have obtained your data, it is up to you what to do with it. Either you let the data as-is, or you remove and modify some of it.

Easily select data points for erasure
Generate legal notices for data removal and send send them right away!

Are you an organisation facilitating data requests?

Aeon integrates with standardised formatting for data rights, in an initiative called the Open Data Rights API. Find details in the provided whitepaper:

Open Data Rights Whitepaper

Aeon is created and maintained by Lei Nelissen